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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

This is such a clever activity book idea! It’s sort of like paint-by-numbers, but with stickers. My kids and I love the Modern design throughout. Each animal has a black and white, full-page image for the stickers, with an image of the finished in-color animal on the reverse, alongside a set of eight facts about how they live. The distinctive geometric designs are not entirely separate from each other, but come in groupings of, say, 20 stickers per animal. The book includes the orangutan, bird of paradise, pit viper, squirrel monkey, toucan, jaguar, chameleon, and tiger. It’s a great activity book for any child, and especially good for fun while travelling.

My family really loves this clever sticker activity book! It is similar to paint-by-numbers, but with stickers, in a Modern design. Each animal has, like, 20 stickers to make each one, as the several geometric shapes are grouped into one sticker. There is a full-page, black-and-white image for the stickers, and a colored version (answer key) on the back. There are also eight facts about each animal — life span, habitat, family, survival skills, diet, identifying features, special skills, and behaviors. It’s a fun (and quiet) activity book for any age child.