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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

My kids are enjoying this fun science book which offers simple explanations of physics and related science topics. It encourages easy experiments to test out the quick and easy-to-read descriptions of principles of physics. There are basic examples as well, where kids can see these principles and concepts in action, which I think my kids will think about and remember while doing them anyway (like reflecting light when looking in a mirror, etc.). The lively layout is super fun and engaging, too.

Destination: Space starts with the Big Bang, and on the next page, jumps into Dark Energy and Dark Matter. My college studies didn’t even begin to discuss those until the second semester. So this is a children’s book which doesn’t mess around and dives right into the literal mysteries of our universe. And my kids couldn’t be more happy about it. They love this book, and I’ve noticed them pouring over it, again and again. The engagingly illustrated book takes young people from one end of the universe to the other.

While it covers all the major concepts, principles, theories, and facts that our scientists struggle with — it does so in easy-to-understand brief bits of text, little infographics, and simple illustrations. It’s all very engaging and a quick-and-easy introduction (and more) into the wonders of the universe. My son likes the poster that’s included, too!

When I was young, I loved the choose-your-adventure books, where my own choices effected the outcome of the story. Or, maybe I should say “outcomes” because I loved having the chance to sort of take that journey along with the lead character — which was actually the reader. In this book, each choice is based in a math question, and rooted in the historical artifacts found in this delightfully creepy history museum. The book is illustrated in an engaging style, with easy to understand diagrams and more. The puzzles and problems are tied into the story line more naturally than I’d assumed they would be. It’s a remarkably enjoyable story which helps make math come alive, and when you’re done — you are the hero!

As a child, I truly enjoyed the choose-your-adventure type books. I loved how I was the hero of the story, and felt a sense of accomplishment every time I re-read the book. I didn’t realize that I was learning about cause & effect, and that my choices could (and would) effect the course of my life. This book takes those same strengths, and ramp them up further, by rooting my choices in math and geometry questions that are an actual benefit in real life, too.

And yet, the story line is compelling, as the reader acts as a detective, uncovering the truths of the mansion of mazes. I found my way through, and felt more than a little like a (geometry) hero myself, and I’m looking forward to my kids getting to feel the same way. This has to be the world’s most enjoyable book on geometry — by a long shot — and great fun for anyone who likes to solve puzzles — including the puzzle of how to make thoughtful choices and become the heroes of our own lives!