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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

This is a wonderful book for children who have relocated from Puerto Rico to the mainland U.S., or other Spanish-speaking territories or countries. And it would help children who already live on the mainland to empathize — and sympathize — with others who’ve recently moved here. The story is engaging, with real-life story points and various Spanish words and phrases. A little boy moves loves his life on the island, but when his little family moves to New York City, he finds some things are similar, others different, but all seem welcoming. The painted illustrations are excellent, rendered in a warm style, colorful palette, and delightful details. The binding and paper are excellent, and the printing is top-notch, rendering this beautifully colorful tale into a memorable and welcome book for any home, school, or city library.

Charming illustrations and a comforting story about body positivity make this book a treasure. The story takes on body hair on girls. The story tells of an Indian girl who becomes self-conscious of her little peach-fuzz mustache — or mooch, in Hindi. She learns a bit about women in history who may have had darker body hair than others and, emboldened, is ready to face her friends the next day. Happy surprises await. The text is well-written, with a few Hindi words included, which are cleverly translated on the book’s endpapers. The story is a delight, and will be, I think, especially welcome for young girls with dark hair. I must say that the illustrations are wonderful. Cute without any condescension, the various people shown — famous and otherwise — are so very charming. The book itself is beautiful, well bound, on very nice paper. There is a warmth to the entire book that I love. This is a wonderful book for any home, school, or city library!

I recently reviewed the K-12 curriculum for an upcoming book, and one topic that came up, over and over, in grade after grade, is the “water cycle.” Apparently, it’s important to learn! The intrinsic science behind this cycle is both (relatively) easy to grasp, with a variety of interactions that provide an on-ramp to many sciences while helping children grasp the interrelated nature of, well, Nature. So this charming book follows “Drop,” who goes through many iterations of the water cycle, from a glacier to a glass of lemonade. The book’s charming illustrations — in watercolors, naturally — reveals how the irrepressible Drop is enjoying each stage of her 4 billion year-long life on Earth. I love how she expresses joy at each step! The book helps convey the entire water cycle in simple terms that any child would find engaging. The book itself is lovely, well-bound, with perfect printing. This would be a valuable book for any children’s collection, at home, school, or library.

Some of my children love stories, but the rest revel in non-fiction. So, when it comes time for a bedtime story, I’ve been at a loss. But this autobiography for children from Scott Kelly the esteemed astronaut, is perfect for everyone! The beautiful picture book tells of how he’s had adventures on all manner of vehicles and places, from submarines to space station. And yet, the book cleverly returns to a theme of rest and sleep, since he slept in each place and vehicle — from a childhood treehouse to tents high upon Mount Everest. The text is well-written and, I think, is probably best read by an adult or older (or science-happy!) child since there are a few advanced words. The illustrations are beautiful, lovingly painted, with a warm and colorful palette. The book it printed and bound at the highest quality, and is ready for years of enjoyment, wonder, and sweet, adventurous dreams!