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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

Of all the various craft-making materials, paper must be the most abundant, inexpensive, and in many ways, fun to do. This well-designed book shows how to make a variety of greeting cards. My girls and I made several on a rainy afternoon together, talking and having a few snacks.

One made a mini-bunting banner card, and the other made rosette cards, while I made some Russian nesting doll cards. They all turned out wonderfully, and we look forward to referring to this well-done book to make many more in the future.

This charming activity pack offers a well-designed and -bound, 125-page book of photos and instructions showing how to build 20 different origami animals. The origami papers, which are included in a special, plastic pocket in the back, are printed with colored designs of each animal.

This not only offers a lot of visual impact, but helps my kids following the photos while making each animal. There are extra pieces for some of the animals, like those that travel in pairs or groups. My kids are really enjoying going through and making each, and are making their own using plain paper, too.

I once heard a lecture by a famous inventor. He explained that there were two reasons for successful, new inventions: First, a desperate need for some new improvement, and second but just as important, when you have a surplus of something and no idea what to do with it. This book definitely regards the second reason.

My kids are enjoying using surplus and left-over egg cartons, cardboard tubes, and leftover boxes of all types, to create an elaborate farm scene with tractors, animals, ponds, and more. It offers a lot of fun ideas. I should note that they involve painting, scissors, and markers, and the book focuses on smaller packaging, rather than large cardboard boxes used for shipping. Still it’s a lot of creative fun at little to no cost.