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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

With lots of affection, detail, and wit, Snail’s Legs tells the tall tale of why snails hide their legs in shells — and for good reason, too, after a race between Snail and his old friend, Frog, goes awry, despite some good intentions.

It’s a clever story with fun illustrations that many children will love. My son loved the story, including enjoying being horrified by the fact that some people (including kings) eat frog’s legs. Wait until I explain that people eat snails — legs or no — as well!

While I earned my masters degree, I was often surprised at how the basic principles of art and design, though simple to learn, offer so much to the learner in creating and understanding art. The School of Art explains these principles — and more — in a fun, painless way.

The cute illustrations explain the principles and tell a story of an unconventional art school. I’m excited to share this clever book with my own children, and help them learn much of what I learned doing my masters, with much more fun and far less expense.

Artists, colorists, and budding zoologists — of all ages — would enjoy Creatures Great and Small, which is coloring book of various groups of animals, including my own son, who is loving it. The book includes original collages of animals grouped in their various’ genera, along with numerous factoids about each species.

The pages are intended to color on one side, with a longer description of each animal on the back. The book is softbound with a thick cardboard back cover, for ease of coloring (no table needed). Each page can be removed and hung in a place of glory, like our refrigerator which now resembles a colorful natural history museum. A wonderful gift!

Paper Pets offers a cute, simplified type of origami, with cute, printed, punch-out-paper pets, along with their own houses and toys. My daughter (a Littlest Pet Shop fan) adores this book, and giggles at their descriptions, likes, dislikes, and instructions for making them.

The actual pets are easy to punch out by hand, and crimped edges for easy folding. My daughter is proud of all those she’s made so far, and loves playing with her favorite, Princess Grace the Pampered Pooch, in her little paper carrier bag. Lots of fun for beginning crafters.