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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

I’ve collected craft books from the 70’s at local thrift store for many years and I especially enjoy the crafts for children’s toys. I was happy to see a modern, fresh take on those vintage books in Flip Dolls & Other Toys. I loved how there were lots of simple toys to make, since I’m definitely a beginner at creating soft toys. They also have a very fun, quirky style that is just adorable!

There are patterns in the back, plus complete instructions and illustrations to walk you through each step. They also list the difficulty level, which is nice. I’m working on the Stacking Trees craft (easy level!), which are made from stacked triangular bean bags and will be a really cute decoration for the holidays!

They also have a crocodile, fox, winged horse and several really cute flip dolls, like a superhero, circus characters and more. Flip Dolls & Other Toys has lots of great ideas for making unique gifts for kids!