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Enjoy this fun idea for kids ๐Ÿ™‚

My tween daughter knows how to do some basic knitting with needles and so she was very interested in Finger Knitting Fun. She took the book and started learning from the helpful photos and text how to do the simple, standard finger knitting technique. She caught on almost immediately, since the instructions are so clear and easy to follow, even for kids. She made a long knitted piece out of some soft, gray wool yarn we had.

She suggested that maybe it could be a blanket for a snake, but I said it could work well as a headband. So, we finished it off and tied the ends and it worked great as a headband. I love all the fun ideas of ways to use this simple crafting technique, from hats to a pretty mobile. We are looking for what to try next and I think we will work on the panda pillow, itโ€™s really cute!