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I was so excited to see that Martha Stewart had published a book filled with craft ideas for kids! I had been collecting her magazines that had ideas for children, but I was pretty sure that I had missed some of the issues, so I was thrilled to find Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids that had them all in one place!

My favorite book as a child was the Childcraft Things to Make and Do and I just have never found anything that comes close over the years. Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kidsdefinitely does and even exceeds it and I love all of the great ideas for kids, whether it is making button bracelets or beach blanket board games!

Pom-Pom Bumblebee

Project Supplies
  • Pom-pom maker
  • Yarn in black and yellow
  • Small scissors
  • Embroidery floss
  • White felt
  • Heavy waxed thread

1. To make a pom-pom, open the two arms on one side of a pom-pom maker and start winding yarn at one end; go back and forth over the arms with the yarn until it is wrapped as densely as desired. Holding the pom-pom maker closed, use scissors to snip the yarn along the center of the rounded edges. Then cut a length of matching yarn or embroidery floss and tie the pom-pom in the center; pull tight and knot twice. Open the pom-pom maker’s arms, then carefully pull the two sides of the maker apart and off the pom-pom.

2. Make two pom-poms, one striped wit black and yellow, the other smaller and solid black.

3. To make stripes, wind one color around a portion of the pom-pom maker’s arm and cut yarn. Switch color and repeat for as many stripes as desired. Repeat process in reverse color order on other arm.

4. Trim any long or straggly yarn ends; if desired, trim the pom-poms further for a denser, smaller ball. Leave the yarn or floss you tied off with intact.

5. Cut a pair of freehand wings from white felt. For antennae, cut two lengths of heavy waxed thread, and knot at one end.

6. Use a long needle to attach the bee’s head to its body, pulling the embroidery floss used to tie it through the center of the body and back up again. (Alternatively, attach with fabric glue).