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This delightful story, any colorful little book, is fun to read and would be enjoyed by anyone familiar with Roger Hargreaves’ characters. The colorful illustrations are quite simple, as they always are, yet they focus on faces which is what very young children respond to most. So, there is a certain logic there, plus, the cute and fun. The story is surprisingly well told and clever with a funny punch line at the end. This is a delightful little Easter book for children of all ages.

This is a charming and colorful textural board book. The storyline is very simple, and perfect for babies and toddlers. It shows various farm animals, drawn in exaggerated and stretchy ways, who are each wearing different types of bunny ear headpieces as they prepare for the Easter Bunny’s arrival. Each of those caricatured animals features a cutout, with different types of fabric underneath. Children of all ages will enjoy feeling the different textures. There are five two-page spreads in the book, with the final pages revealing the Easter Bunny’s visit, complete with furry ears.

This is a remarkably well-written children’s book about the orchestra and its various components. The misleading title — it is worlds apart from a simple alphabet book — is derived from the oboe’s traditionally playing the first note, an “A,” for all the other instruments’ musicians to tune themselves by. The book is filled with many other informative factoids and well-observed observations, all tied together with wonderfully poetic phrasing which is, again, well beyond the expected sing-song rhymes one often finds in children’s books. The surprisingly sophisticated book doesn’t follow a simplistic ABC structure, either, with the letter “T,” for instance, standing for tempo and time, along with various members of the brass section — trumpets, tuba, and trombones. The illustrations are strikingly distinctive, each offered with a limited tonal range and a brushstroke that attempts to simulate the ebb and flow of music itself. This is a wonderful introduction to the symphony.

This lovely book features breezy and colorful illustrations which show the various creatures and critters who live in and around a single tree. While the focus is on the playful (and fun to read) text, the ultimate meaning of the book is perhaps all the various forms of life we create by planting a single, beautiful tree.

Yes, this is a book directed at young children for whom large trucks inspire awe. The text is delightful, told in a fun-to-read AABCCB rhyming structure that my children (and I) love. However, the remarkably stunning and truly beautiful illustrations are the true surprise of what may be the most beautiful childrens’ book of the year. Each two-page spread is gorgeous, with a retro, tissue paper cut-out style. Every page is a rainbow of wonder. Beautiful! What a delightfully surprising visual treasure this book is! Wow!

This is a beautiful story — well told with lovely and colorful illustrations alongside — about a family who has moved to a new area, and their daughter, Marley, who looks forward to sharing the family’s surprising musical gifts with her new neighbors.

This colorful (and large) board book underscores how “change starts with” each of “us.” The book goes through a listing of things our families can do to help conserve, recycle, and care for the environment around us. The playful illustrations are sure to be a delight to any toddler.