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“Fairy Mom and Me” is told from the perspective of Ella, who will one day become like her mom, who is also a magical fairy when she needs to be — or, just thinks she needs to be (even when she shouldn’t!).

Becoming a fairy runs in the family, so one day Ella will become a fairy, too. She is trying to learn spells and helps her mother remember the proper spells and codes whenever she can. The grandmother is also a fairy, as is the aunt, and both have won numerous awards for their spells and other magical fairy activities.

But Ella’s mom is more of a would-be supermom than an actual champion-level fairy. Her “computawand” looks suspiciously like a smartphone, and she is harried and pressed for time as most would-be supermoms are.

All of that makes casting spells tempting… But when things go awry (as they always seem to) we can all learn that it’s a lot harder to be a fairy/supermom than it may seem at first.

In the end, we all learn that nothing beats a little hard work, all good things need a little patience, and it takes more than a little help from everyone in the family to create a magical life of your own.

Luckily, Ella is there to help her mom out, as much as she can, and we learn how satisfying it can be to be a help to those we love when they need it.

It turns out that helping others offers its own kind of magic.

This is a charming chapter book, easy and fun to read, too. I read this with my daughters and we all had a lot of fun, plus, we learned a little bit about becoming more kind and patient.

There is a brief introduction of the milieu and characters, followed by four short stories, each filled with a fun and wacky adventure. The black and white illustrations are frequent and charming.