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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

This is an endearing, heart-warming book with illustrations to match. It walks children (of all ages) through both recognizing their feelings — and then setting them aside and focusing, instead, on the good things in our lives. “Sometimes it all goes wrong. Sometimes life is upside down. Sometimes you don’t feel so strong. Sometimes you scowl and frown. Make those feelings go away — you could do it every day… Hold the ones you love today. Everything will be OK.”

All of us could use more of this lovely and loving advice to overcome the setbacks and depression we all face from time to time. The beautiful, textured illustrations show a little rabbit (and friends) facing challenges — and opportunities — of all kinds, doing justice to famed author and illustrator Anna Dewdney, who wrote this before she died from cancer several years ago. My children and I not only love this wonderfully comforting book — we really needed it, too. Perhaps you and yours do, too!