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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

When I was in college, we had a guest speaker, a well-known inventor, who said there were two reasons to invent things: Either there was a pressing need, or a surplus of something that you wanted to do something productive with. This egg carton craft book would obviously be for the later. When my kids need something to do, I have a store of old egg cartons they can use to do the products. The “pretty fish” craft is a favorite so far, and the “fish” look cute displayed kind of like a diorama. The book itself is well made and fun to look through, which may actually be the best part of this book — just looking through it again and again at all the great ideas within. The crafts are remarkably clever and inventive, and since my kids are a little older (but not to old to enjoy crafting) these are perfect for them. Most require painting, one way or another, so you’d have to consider if that’s for you and your kids.


Some crafts my family makes because we need something (like a place to hang our car keys). Others we do because we have a bunch of leftover something, and some time on our hands. This book is perfect for the latter. We store up our tp and paper towel tubes, so my kids can paint and make any number of these crafts. Nearly all require some poster-type paints, gluing or taping, and cutting with scissors or other tools, so consider whether your kids are old enough to handle that. So far, my kids made some cute giraffes and other birds and animals for a jungle and giraffe-themed party we had. It was fun for them, and the decorations were cute, too. There are lots of cute and clever ideas throughout.