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Like so many, I learned to read with delight and amazement at Dr. Seuss’s books. And it wasn’t just the clever and imaginative poetry and artworks — in many of his books, it was the strong moral backbone the characters often showed in difficult circumstances. It was a great example for me as a child, and has resonated as I’ve dealt with difficulties and opposition in various areas of life.

A stand out among these books, for me and others I’m sure, is “Horton Hears a Who.” But I have worried, a little, now that I write about how to interpret literature and film, that much of the morals and meaning is lost on many readers — especially young readers. So this latest volume from “Dr. Seuss” is really a godsend. Alongside illustrations from “Horton…,” it explains how he is showing bravery and strength rooted in his kindness, concern, and love for others.

This book is very well written as it explains on each page how to show kindness in our own challenging — and day-to-day — lives. It’s really remarkable. This would make an EXCELLENT gift for any child who will need to find kindness and courage among the challenges of life — which is to say, all of them. A remarkable addition to the Dr. Seuss library, which is really saying something.