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Enjoy this fun idea for kids ūüôā

My dad says, during his childhood, his favorite toy was a chemistry set with dozens of chemicals — until one day, his young sister found it, decided it was a “cooking” set, and set about making a “pie” on his bedroom carpet. It did not go well.

So I was thrilled to find this set for my own daughters. The book is designed to look a bit like a notebook, or scrapbook, yet is filled with color, engaging text, activities, and experiments. It really helps make the science approachable and fun.

Plus, my girls and I all love how the set reveals the causes and effects of how our bodies look and work, and helps eliminate a little confusion, uncertainty, and doubt over their growing bodies. We asked our girls to do a little presentation on each exercise, and it’s been great fun. I think extracting the DNA from strawberries was a high point for us all. Plus, my girls are showing a growing confidence in science class, and life, and love a chance to get a little warm applause from their family — over science!

Yellow Scope’s DNA & Traits: From Codes to Creatures science kit is the perfect craft to keep kids occupied and entertained while they learn about the world of biology. It is designed to teach kids about what makes them unique. The kit involves instructions for an easy strawberry DNA experiment where kids can actually see the DNA on a stick, a fun activity where they learn about their own traits and the ability to craft DNA monsters where different traits are mixed and mashed to create funky creatures. The kit comes with beakers, measuring cups, a lab notebook, stickers and monster body cards, safety goggles and everything else they’ll need for hours of experimenting.