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This is a delightful and heartwarming tale of a homesick immigrant girl who decides to make her new school more like a “home” — by starting a garden on the roof. It takes “more than ideas” — and a lot of work — to create a new garden (or home)! Along the way, she offers some wonderful insights, such as, “They see what is. I see what could be.” With top-notch printing and binding, the illustrations are remarkably cute and delightful, rendered with a folk-artist perspective and lively details. I love this warm-hearted book! If any teachers out there are thinking about starting a classroom garden (or even just a few plants), this would be a wonderful story to help launch the class project.


Being a little girl “isn’t always easy,” even when you’re Princess Charming. No matter how hard we try, perfection keeps eluding us. How do we distinguish ourselves? And, accomplish something well enough to believe in ourselves and our future? When cartwheels, cooking, singing, and hip-hop dancing are less-than-successful, we might fear that we won’t ever find “our thing.” A little fortitude always helps, even if our “thing” turns out to be fortitude, itself! That just might be all it takes to “save the day!” The delightful mixed-media illustrations in this wonderfully illustrated book — which is well-bound, with excellent printing — are engaging and fun to look at, again and again.