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Eggsistential Thoughts by Gudetama the Lazy Egg

Gudetama is the newest (and most depressed) member of the Sanrio team’s cast of delightful characters. To me, he looks like an uncooked egg who really just wants to climb back into his shell because he… “just can’t even.” And I suppose laughing at depression is one way to not be afraid of it, and to embrace that everyone can feel a bit down some days.

The simple illustrations and funny captions express that “Can I just go back to bed?” feeling we all do sometimes. The book reminds me of the classic “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night,” said to be written by Peanut’s Snoopy — very high praise. It’s a great gift for a friend who sometimes is not the life of the party and enjoys a chuckle — and Sanrio!

Gudetama’s Guide to Life

HILARIOUS! I love this “self-help” book by Gudetama, the most depressed Sanrio character yet, who’d really rather just go back to bed than face the everyday annoyances and strains of modern life. It’s a clever parody, with brief text accompanied by simple illustrations. I love how the book skewers self-help tropes, like the suggestions for conversation starters at parties, such as, “Are you tired?” and “Is it loud in here?” There are affirmations, too, like “A Gudetama will always follow their heart, usually to a nap.”

It’s a delight to laugh along with that feeling we’d all like to just go back to bed because reasons. Overall, a delight, and perfect for any Hello Kitty & Sanrio fan who is sometimes not interested in being the life of the party today. (Like me.)