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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

We recently finished building our own house. It was a big, exciting, and sometimes fun (sometimes exhausting) process that everyone in the family got to help out with. Some of us got pretty excited about the whole process and are talking about becoming a contractor someday. So that’s why I got this book.

It walks kids through what a typical day entails, and generally, how homes are actually built. My child is really enjoying it, and talking about the specifics. I’m wishing we’d had the book before we began building our home, since it lays out the steps so well for kids.

Geology Lab offers 52 lessons/project guides for young scientists to learn by doing real science and fun activities to help learn more about this broad and exciting field. Some of the projects involve real research on our local geology, while others help kids get a grasp on certain concepts by doing fun activities like making cookie balls, and such.

It’s a beautiful book with clear text, lots of great photos, and engaging ideas. Great for teachers and homeschoolers.