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“Corduroy” is one of the most beloved children’s books ever published, now translated into Spanish for a sturdy board book. Otherwise, the wonderful story remains the same, where a teddy bear, on sale in a department store, is beloved by a little girl whose mother won’t buy it because the bear has a button missing. At night, the bear explores the store, looking for the lost button. A heart-warming ending awaits, though not after metaphorically asking what we can do to earn our caregivers’ love. The National Education Association, calls the book one of teachers’ “Top 100 Books for Children,” and “Corduroy” is also one of the “Top 100 Picture Books” of all time, according to the prestigious “School Library Journal.” And it’s no wonder. This is one of the finest books ever written in English. I am so happy to see it reprinted in this wonderful edition, en Espanol.

Ezra Jack Keats’ “Un Dia de Nieve” is a faithful and poetic version of “The Snowy Day,” translated into Spanish. This is a 30-page board book version, ready for years of use, offering its beautifully simplified illustrations to a new generation. The idyllic story tells of a child’s point of view of a day spent playing in the snow. The artwork rivals the heights of our greatest Modern artists, such as Henri Matisse’s paper cut-outs. The New York Public Library named it as one of a handful of “Books of the Century.” Similarly, the Library of Congress listed it as one of a few of our greatest books that “shaped America,” not only for its poetic beauty but also for being “the first full-color picture book with an African American as the main character. The book changed the field of children’s literature forever.” This book is, literally, a cultural treasure. It is difficult to express how wonderful I find this translation to be. It is, simply, one of the greatest books ever written — or painted — and I can’t recommend it enough.