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My whole family loves Charlotte and the Rock, a charming, instant-classic children’s book. When this little girl wants to get a pet, her parents surprise her with a pet (rock)! Still, she tries to look at the bright side: good listener, hypoallergenic, and obedient (“Stay”). But it’s hard to overlook the downsides (hard to take on walks).

In the end, she focuses on the things they can do together, and have a fun time together, and she truly loves her pet. But does the rock love her back? That challenge leads to a surprising conclusion, where her parents learn to look at the bright side, too, and helps make it a remarkable book overall. The illustrations are charming, with a retro-style limited palette that is such a delight. I think there’s another surprising metaphorical lesson in there, too: If you allow yourself to love someone, make sure they are capable of loving you back.