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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

Build a… Butterfly is a large board book (for older children) which offers a punch out model of a “painted lady” butterfly, which helped my son understand their different body parts. he loved making the simple model, and explained the butterflies to me afterward.

I should note that the punch-outs are only halfway through each page, so the book is still fully composed and engaging even after the butterfly is made, and he is putting each piece of the model back into the book for safe-keeping, so it is sort of like a wooden puzzle, too. There are interesting factoids throughout — such as their wings being unable to be repaired, if damaged, and it briefly describes their migratory patterns. Overall, the well-made book is fascinating and engaging.

Build a T-Rex is a board-style book that offers fun facts and more about the king of dinosaurs. The pages are very thick, so the pop out model of a T-Rex is not only fun to build, but can be re-inserted into the remaining slots, like an old-fashioned wooden puzzle.

My son has made and saved the model over and over again, while reading (and later, reciting) brief and fun facts about these prehistoric creatures, like how their tails helped balance their seemingly over-sized heads. I like that the model shows the lizard-like hips, an important distinction from the bird-like hipped dinosaurs. Altogether, this is a well-made and fun book, model, and puzzle that my dinosaur-happy son really enjoys.