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This book may sound quite modest, yet is a truly wonderful board book with delightful elements that appeal to children of all ages. I am not a bird watcher although I have wondered, from time to time, what sorts of birds I was seeing in my neighborhoods. This goes well beyond a childish birding guide, though. First, this is a top-quality board book, hardcover, in gorgeous, full-page color, with sturdy “pages” made to delight very young children for years. The inviting, colorful illustrations are (incredibly) beautiful, created with what appear to be hand-painted papers, arranged in lovely collages, using vivid colors — and visually intriguing patterns — to realistically represent different birds common to North America.

Each numbered group of birds appears in an appropriate background to where one is likely to see them. The information provided in the text — with engaging rhymes, and clarifying sidebar factoids — is charming and fun to read out loud. Simply put, and without exaggeration, this is — in my opinion — one of the finest board books ever printed. I adore this book. Every single page. I am genuinely excited to share it with my children and grandchildren in years and decades to come.

This is a surprising board book designed to help toddlers learn the names of different colors. Yet it is more than merely that, the modest title notwithstanding. Each two-page spread is a colorful treasure, using North American birds to represent each individual color. For instance, an oriole represents orange — described in simple, descriptive terms — with a matching background, portraying trees and branches, portrayed using clever assemblages of patterns. There are also basic factoids, directed at adult readers, to make us all seem more knowledgeable about the birds around us than we might actually be. Each bird is portrayed in colorful, recognizable, and engaging ways. This is a wonderful and informative board book that is informative and lovely, far beyond what I would have expected from a toddler’s board book. It’s an amazing book that my kids and I love.