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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

I don’t know about every child, but some of ours have had such a difficult time getting to sleep. Their fear-of-missing-out was just too much, and they’d fight to stay awake no matter how tired. So I’m delighted with this charming book which, among other things, shows how taking a nap doesn’t preclude playing and having fun beforehand — or afterward.

It’s such a small yet crucial lesson for our young ones to learn. But this delightful offers more. The illustrations are delightful, set in a fun medieval countryside. The text is well written and the printing and binding are top-notch, with a nice dust jacket. The book also reveals how much we can learn from new friends, and how enjoyable those things can be. I hope it helps my shy children learn that friends in real life may offer so much that it’s well worth sticking our necks out a bit to get to know them.