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The Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures is such a great book! It’s very large in size and features two-page spreads of various dinosaurs approaching hunting, eating, and raising their young, each in their own unique ways, described in brief snippets all around the page. It’s fascinating. I was aware that paleontology had advanced over the years since I was as young as my own children, but hadn’t realized just how much their understanding — and all the wild new dinosaurs they’ve found — had changed from the things I was taught as a child.

Many of the dinosaurs are now shown as quite colorful (more similar to birds than reptiles). My favorite “new” dinosaur is the magyarosaurus, similar to a gigantic apatosaurus (fka, brontosaurus), but smaller than a horse or cow. Several dinosaurs shown had wings yet were able to crawl about on the ground, on cliffs or trees. The book is well bound with colorful computer illustrations, with quality paper and printing. The text is fairly brief and engaging, describing the illustrations in witty terms — nothing dry about these compelling stories and factoids! This would make a wonderful gift for any child (or their parents!) who loves dinosaurs.