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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

This book spells out numerous arts and crafts projects for children, but it offers a great deal more than that. It is really espousing a philosophy, that I’d never heard of before, called the Reggio Emilia method, which encourages creative thinking and confidence in young children through creating imaginative art. It seems similar to Montessori, to me anyway, although it focuses on arts & crafts. The book is lovely, with informative essays, fun projects, and great photography throughout.

My own children really loved painting small tree branches, and setting them up in vases, where they display other projects, too. I think it’s a wonderful book for any preschool, daycare, homeschool, public or private school that wants to inspire their students through art education. The activities use very simple and inexpensive materials — construction paper, tempera paints, Q-tips, etc. The goal is to allow children to learn to think creatively and confidently, and in my own home at least, is wonderfully successful.