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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

The charming watercolor and ink illustrations really make this the best alphabet book I’ve seen in years. Many of the paintings are offbeat and may require a little playful explanation to your youngest children, yet that is just part of the fun. Why is the “E” elephant drinking from the “C” coffee cup? Why make the letter “P” a parsnip, exactly? And the “Q” for question of a police man wondering about a little carrot person walking down the road will be fun to wonder about, for parent and child alike.

Sometimes inconsistency is not only fun, but a real delight. The somewhat-random illustrations and text in this charming book are so much fun. Each page of the board book is filled with odd watercolor and ink paintings (and is that text in crayon?). All of that helps tell this delightful story, where Lloyd gets a kite stuck in a tree, and decides to throw one thing after another up in the tree to knock his kite out — or is he just offering it for trade? It all gets more absurd, page by page. It’s laugh-out-loud funny, although it may require a little explanation to your youngest children. No worries though, it’s all great fun in a simple story.