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Endearing illustrations, inspiring biographies, and fair dose of humor are all perfectly matched in A Is for Adam. Each letter of the alphabet offers a brief biography of someone in the Bible — from Adam to Zacharias. Some of the letters are used ingeniously; for example, Q is for Queen Esther, T is for the Ten Lepers, and X is for Exaltation. The bios are very well written — engaging, focused, and well-told for young readers.

The illustrations are gorgeous, colorful, and have a vintage feel, and convey much of the humor, along with including numerous other things which start with the same letter. The G character — for the Good Samaritan — has come across a Jewish man hit in the head by an errant golf ball, breaking his glasses, while being observed by a gopher and a trio of geese. It’s all engaging (and inspirational) fun. The printing, paper, and binding are all top-notch, and are keep-sake quality.