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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

As parents, my husband and I have tried to make memories for our children, even in the simple things we do. Saturdays are one of our favorite times and we plan all week for what we are going to be doing on that day. We try to get some housework done after breakfast and then we head off for museums, the beach or just the mall.

940 Saturdays allows for journal entries for all 940 Saturdays from when your child is born until they are eighteen. I love recording our days and I know my kids will enjoy looking back on these times, too. I really appreciated the little booklet tucked into the back cover that lists fun ideas for all ages. The suggestions range from board games to garage sales and everything in between and have helped us get out and explore beyond our typical outings. Although we may miss a few Saturday, we are really looking forward to filling it all up with lots of memories!