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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

I remember how much fun I had in my cooking class back in middle school. I still use techniques and recipes I first learned in that class, and I’ve been a little sad for my own kids, since cooking has long since disappeared from the classes taught in our local schools. So that’s why I got Chef Gino’s Taste Test Challenge. And I’m happy I did. This charming and colorful cookbook for young people is fun to cook and eat from, too!

It offers great tips, a comical, colorful layout, and simple recipes that anyone would enjoy making — and eating! The recipes are not entirely vegetarian, but most of the book is, and what isn’t could easily be adapted for that. My young daughters are delighted. And I am thrilled to offer them such a fun experience cooking for themselves and our family using the wonderful, well-written, and fun recipes from Chef Gino’s book.