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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

We love the BabyLit book series, which are aimed at babies, toddlers, and young children but instead of focusing merely on the basic concepts they teach, alone, they are based on literary classics, which makes them enjoyable (and illuminating) for children and adults alike. This board book, Treasure Island, teaches shapes, incorporating them in illustrations based around people and things in Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic, Treasure Island. So, the left side of each two-page spread features a basic geometric shape, and there are vintage-style, lithograph-like, Treasure-Island-y illustrations on the right, so the triangle is shown in the Hispaniola’s sails, and an oval can be found in Long John SIlver’s eye patch. Great way to introduce my children to the classics!

I hope the BabyLit book series leads to a life-long love for the classics for my children, plus, they are a lot of fun to read! Emma teaches infants, toddlers, and their literary-minded parents how to recognize different emotions, in this case, as shown by the characters of Jane Austen’s literary classic, “Emma” (the one “Clueless” was based on). The left side of each two-page spread will say someone is feeling a certain emotion, and on the right, the vintage style illustrations features character feeling it — “MIss Taylor is happy,” or “Emma is excited.” As for me, I am delighted with this charming book series, and am pleased to read them (over and over) to my children.