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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

The LEGO Adventure Book is such a clever and creative book! Instead of just text-based instructions on how to build with Lego blocks, the many projects within — from the delightfully ordinary (the retro kitchen is adorable!) to the fantastic (dragon trains, anyone?) — are presented in a fully illustrated way, comic-book style. Each of the 11 chapters offers a different (famous) Lego builder, and several of their best ideas.

Tying it all together is a story about the a creator minifig (actually an avatar for author Megan Rothrock) as she pursues an evil destructor minifig across various dimensions/chapters, interacting with the other avatars (also real-life builders) along the way. It’s all really fun, the story is great, and the projects are amazing. My favorite simple project is a realistic coconut palm tree. My favorite real-life project was a green-screen enabled movie studio set, and my favorite incredible creation is probably the Medieval castle town of Snugburg. I’m giving the book to my son, along with a large new box of LEGO blocks, I can’t wait to see what he’ll build!