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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

Honk Honk! Hold Tight! is a funny folktale about the lengths a kind young man will go to help a grumpy princess laugh — and it’s helped my kids laugh, too! The illustrations appear to be made with painted paper cutouts (à la Henri Matisse), and includes crazier and crazier font layouts as things fall out of control. Be careful what you seek, or you could be “stuck” to it!

I went on my first plane ride when I was five and it was amazing, yet kind of scary.  Plane’s Royal Rescue explains the process and function of those huge vehicles (in a fun way!) and what the various noises one hears when riding them come from (like the landing gear retracting). I think that it would be a help in avoiding any fears, and keeping children’s plane rides amazing for everyone.

Riding a train, and seeing how big, fast, and different the various trains — and their networks of tracks — can be fun and yet sort of overwhelming. I haven’t ridden any trains for a while now, but every so often, I’ll see a train rushing by inexplicably fast, while others go very slowly — on the same track — while others sit idle at a full stop. I’m not always sure what’s going on. I imagine that confusion is multiplied for those actually riding those trains, and even more so for child riders. I really liked how Train is on Track explains all of that with a simple story while explaining about railroads, too.

I thought Would You Rather…Have a Shark for a Sister or a Ray for a Brother? was a fun way to present facts about different kinds of sharks. My kids found the facts really interesting, even when they were a little on the gross side, because, you know, sharks. Clever and fun concept, my children have returned to it again and again, I’ve heard them discussing the pros and cons of whether it’d be better to have the teeth of a lemon shark (4 rows of huge teeth) or a leopard shark (constantly replacing break-away teeth). Either way, no brushing required! Fun book for shark fans.

What I learned most from the many fun facts about insects presented in Would You Rather…Dine with a Dung Beetle or Lunch with a Maggot?is that bugs can be really gross. Which is great, apparently, because to my kids, that makes them incredibly funny, too. We’ve also talked about whether it’s better to be as strong as a rhinoceros beetle vs. jumping as far as a froghopper. Lots of entertaining facts and fun for kids!