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Enjoy this fun idea for kids šŸ™‚

This delightful book shows how to engage primary and preschoolers in salt-dough projects. The dough they are using is intended to be baked into a lasting project. Adding trinket and paint is a big part of the projects. Instructions for different projects include animals and rainbows, badges and brooches, letters and games.

Everything is really cute, and the book is laid out in a clear, yet fun-filled way. It’s important to note that most of these crafts would take a while to make, from making the dough, to shaping it, to baking it — at least an hour — plus decorating it before or after the baking. So the projects will take some time and planning. My kids have really enjoyed the ideas inĀ this book and making their own salt dough crafts.

This book is well designed, and fun to look through. The instructions are clear, and the photos which usually include children making the crafts make it a fun book for children to look through. The many projects include sure-fire projects that I think any child would enjoy, including dolls, rockets, and kaleidoscopes.

There are a lot of materials andĀ and crafting tools used. So this is probably best for households where there is already a lot of craft-making going on, or you could find specific projects that work with what you have. We had fun making the Halloween themed creatures out of Ā tpĀ rolls!