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I really didn’t know what I was expecting going into Castle Hangnail. It’s a wonderful story with a lot to think about when it comes to what good, evil, bad, nice, and even kind and unkind actually mean and how they relate to each other. I was also really impressed with the illustrations. They never crowded the pages and really let to the style of the story. I could totally give this book to my sister who is fourteen or my god-daughter who is twelve and I think they would never give it back.

I love Harriet the Invincible, starring the hamster princess who is so self-aware and full of sass! Do I have your attention? Well this book sure got mine. This book successfully challenges all of the over type cast roles of both the princess, and the adorable fuzzy animal. She is leaping with a sword of the back cover people! Invincible sword wielding hamster princess! I have to pause from my total geek out to mention Vernon’s illustration and the hybrid novel/comic layout. It really plays and the images are always lending to the story and your enjoyment, and everything flows smoothly.

They made a Hamster Princess sequel! This one is called Hamster Princess: Of Mice and Magic. The cute and sassy hamster princess is back and ready for more action! The ambiguously invincible, and now semi-pro curse breaker in on the case! I have no idea why but I get so into these books! I am totally getting any sequels that come out ever! Vernon’s amazing tendency to add illustrations to enhance her story continues with everything from magic boots to accurately illustrating the difference between full and empty cheek hamsters. Absolute genius!