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Energy Lab for Kids

Every Einstein has to start somewhere. And I predict many of tomorrow's scientists will get their inspiration right here. Energy Lab for Kids offers 4 real-life experiments, not just for fun reactions (although those are included), but rather, to perform real science...

Peanut Butter And Honey Snacks

This super easy recipe is a staple in our home and may be the first recipe I ever made as a child! Peanut butter, honey and dry milk are the main ingredients of these treats, but I like to add a little vanilla, too, to give it a yummy, peanut butter cookie dough...

Trolls Party Food

If you're thinking of having a Trolls themed birthday party, this Trolls party food card set will make it extra fun and easy! The themed cards show all the characters and give an idea of a food that you could serve to go along with it. Get the Trolls Party Food Card...

Free Cute House Printable

Adorable pastel house free printable! Download the image above by right clicking the image and saving it. Then you can print it and display it in your child's bedroom or playroom!

Make Mickey Crayons

Broken crayons transformed into adorable new Mickey crayons!

Squeaky Eggs For Easter

How fun are these squeaky eggs? Plus, no sugar! Chirp! Squeak! Hide! Where Are You Chicklets? You don't need any batteries, just press the heads. Kids can also sort the eggs,...

DIY Easter Bunny Pops

Aren't the Easter bunny marshmallow pops the cutest?! They're easy to make, too, just follow the instructions in the video below:

Easter Egg Balloons – Simple!

This great idea comes from @thesweetlulublog and is really easy! Just pull out your acrylic crafting paints and decorate your "Easter egg" balloons! Very fun and easy holiday decoration!

Gnome Zen Garden

Older kids can play peacefully with their very own zen garden! They can arrange the cute gnome and three toadstools and other fun figurines in the sand. Click to see the Gnome Zen...

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