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Enjoy this fun idea for kids 🙂

I love how Doodle Lit offers an all-ages approach to doodling, based on literary classics. The book is large, well-bound, printed on thick, quality drawing paper, and features an engaging yet simple drawing style of its own, stylish,  yet well-suited to a doodling art book. Each chapter features a different author (Lewis Carroll has two chapters), a simple portrait, a paragraph on who they were and what they wrote, along with various prompts based on their most famous works, including fun/funny “historical notes” and more.

For example, the coat of arms activity for Shakespeare has a brief explanation of what they are, their significance, and the various components, along with room to draw your own crest, coat of arms and motto. And Bram Stoker’s Dracula is said to be bored with his 450-year-old cape, so you get to design a new one for him.

There are a few writing prompts as well, like what your rules would be if you were the Queen in “Alice in Wonderland.” Some prompts are more general, like drawing undersea life for “Moby Dick.” Each chapter has several activities, like Emily BrontĂ«’s “Wuthering Heights” — which warns that it is an unhappy book because “Heathcliff and Cathy were not nice to each other” — which includes different pages to draw leaves for the four seasons, Cathy’s laundry hanging on a clothesline, weather vanes for different houses, and activities for apples, eggs, and snowmen.

The prompts are quite clever and fun, like when Huck Finn notes “Everything we had in the world was on our raft,” and asks you to doodle your possessions (“Would they all fit on a raft?”), or designing a seal for your family, club, or wolfpack, like the one in Kipling’s “The Jungle Book.” It’s a delightful book overall, fun and simple, yet compelling. Great way for young people to learn more about classic lit, as well as get some practice drawing!