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Enjoy this fun idea for kids šŸ™‚

I think Summer is the perfect time to hang out with my kids and cook or craft. We also like to go swimming and to the park, but some days are a little too hot and it’s nice to stay inside and make things. For more messy creations, our backyard is our favorite place to work.

Craft Camp is filled with fun ideas for summer crafting, with many different contributors which gives a nice variety to the projects. We not only tried several of them with our family, we also invited some neighbor friends over to make the sparkly galaxy t-shirts in the backyard. It reminded me a bit of when I was a kid and made tie-dye shirts at Summer school.

One of my kids’ favorite crafts was the paper straw letters. You could use them to make a banner, but my kids just each made the first letter of their name for a decoration for their room. I had several styles of paper straws so they got creative and used a rainbow of colors and styles.

There’s lots of fun and simple ideas for kids crafts in Craft Camp, with lots of room for tweaking and creativity.