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This special Make Way for Ducklings 75th Anniversary Edition celebrates the Caldecott-winning classic picture book, enjoyed by generations. It tells the charmingly simple (yet realistic) story of a pair of expectant mallard ducks, looking for a safe, comfortable, and peanut-providing place to build their nest. They eventually settle in Boston, where they tour several landmarks, before deciding on nesting on an island on the St. Charles River, where a friendly policeman befriends them (and shares peanuts with them). When the eight darling ducklings hatch — Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack and Quack — their mother decides to relocate the family to the Boston’s Public Garden, next to Boston Common. But will they make it safely there?

This commemorative set includes an audio cd with an audiobook version, a poster (illustrated by Caldecott-winning illustrator Paul Zelinsky) showing the family’s journey across historic Boston, a full-size (9.5″ x 12.5″) copy of the book with dust jacket, and a nice case for everything. The thing I love most about this book is the same thing that delighted me as a child — the charming brown-and-white charcoal illustrations of the cute Mallard family by Robert McCloskey, the first illustrator to win the Caldecott more than once. I remember being delighted with how the Bostonians, busying about in their big city, took note of the little family walking along. It taught me how cherished families are, wherever they live. It warms my heart to be able to share this keepsake edition now with my own family!

My family includes a child who only reads non-fiction, and another who only reads fiction. And we have three dogs they all love. I’m pleased to see that From Wolf to Woof is making everyone happy! This well-bound book tells a new origin myth — from the perspective of a modern dog — of how wolves learned to trust humans, for mutual benefit, and then eventually changing into the many varied dog breeds we know and love. It’s mythic yet realistic, as the story of cooperation is likely very much what happened. The story is well-told and the illustrations are top notch, and both my children enjoy reading it again and again — often with a dog sitting at their side, much as the first wolf-dog did so long ago.

Chimpanzees for Tea! is a wild and wacky story of a delightfully breezy story with illustrations and layout to match. A young boy is given a shopping list and told run out and hurry back in time for tea. But when the list is blown away with a breeze, he becomes gradually more confused and ends up bringing a wild — and rhyming — group of animals and performers home instead, just in time for tea. My young children love to hear the fun and funny story, and enjoy reading the breezy story as the text is blown about the pages. It’s a charming book we all enjoy.